Project 365 – Week 6

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Week 6

Day 33 – Went to Leicester to see a friend who had a baby 6 months ago. Was meant to go months ago but either she was busy or I was and then hubby went away for 2 months so the visit kept getting delayed. Finally got to meet her and another friend who I haven’t seen in years who recently moved to Leicester too! Brought back loads of memories. Today I also made the decision to start wearing the hijab (scarf) permanently, will be a separate blog post on that. As we were in Leicester we popped to the shops so I could add to my hijab collection. The lady in the shop was lovely and gave me some free pins when I told her I was a bit clueless as just started wearing it.

Day 34 – Monday’s is toddler group. Even though it can be cold, Bee loves to go outside.

Day 35  –  No groups today so Bee tends to turn the house into a bombsite.

Day 36 – A moments peace, as I stick on Gigglebellies on the laptop and the girls are engrossed watching it after school.

Day 37 – Toddler group again today but before we go Bee decided to give Rosie her breakfast! Week 6 (2)

Day 38 – Popped over to my mums after school and couldn’t resist taking a picture of the snowdrops!! Spring is around the corner.

Day 39 – Day of catching up with the washing…then was going to take the girls out but started to get windy. Lighted some scented candles as was beginning to feel a bit harrassed and thought they may be a bit relaxing!

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  1. i went to university in Leicester – i have some great memories of living there . i am glad you got to meet up – i know what you mean about tryign to arrange a visit and then life getting in the way! happens to me a lot too. and i so get you abotu the bomb site in your house – mine does most days and i tidy it up only for it to be a mess again very soon after!!! *sighs* oh well at least we are not alone x

  2. love the messy picture, its amazing how much devastation one little toddler can make. How great to catch up with your friends again.
    I did wonder whether Bee helped Rosie eat her breakfast as its what I would expect from your delightful mischievous daughter.
    Will be interesting to read your decision on wearing your hijab.

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