Project 365 – Week 14 of 2018

Finally managed to access my site! For some reason the internet provider was blocking a lot of the blogs!

Sunday 1st April

Finally arrived in Pakistan after a 7 hour flight. Had to give Bee some meds as she was coughing and had a slight temperature but she managed to stay awake the whole flight even though when we landed it was around 12am UK time. She then dropped off to sleep in the car on the way home.



Monday 1st April

A day of rest and just trying to get our bearings and get over the jetlag. Bee has an endless supply of ice cream due to grandad having his own shop. I hadn’t let her have any yesterday due to her cough but she was feeling much better today.



Tuesday 2nd April

Popped out in the afternoon to do some clothes shopping for the eldest. She doesn’t really have any summer clothes. Then took them to a play area at the top of a shopping mall to have some rides.



Wednesday 3rd April

Slightly addicted to this juice! Visited my brothers grave in the morning. Although been 20+ years it still breaks my heart seeing his grave. Then decided to get out and do as much shopping as we can. The weather is only going to get hotter so trying to get as much done as we can in the first week. Left the girls this time at home as it is so manic that its hard to shop properly while looking after them.  Got back and found out my dads cousin had passed away. Hadn’t had a chance to go say hello….had been thinking to go this evening but ended up going to her funeral.



Thursday 4th April

Went to the other graveyard today to visit my grandparents graves, along with 2 uncles, an aunt and a cousin. Visited some relatives who live nearby. One has a gorgeous garden while the girls were happy at the other house as they had a cat. Reminded me of how much I am missing Rosie.



Friday 5th April 

Discovered there was a McDonalds about 20 minutes away so decided to go. Place looked clean and tidy….very busy….unfortunately it led to an upset stomach later that evening. After the meal went to a fair that was across the road and the girls had some rides.



Saturday 6th April

Hubby went to a wedding….I decided not to go as we didn’t have any of our flashy clothes with us plus it was too hot to drag the kids there. When he got back we went out in the evening to eat and get the girls some sandals.



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