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Pregnancy Update ~ Still no baby

Just a very quick update for my followers! I was meant to go into hospital today for an induction. However when I rang they said no beds were available. So I had to ring again at 12. Still no beds available but they decided to just monitor the baby.  A 20 minute monitoring took over

Week 38 ~ Pregnancy Update

So today I am 38+3 and it looks like this will be my final week of pregnancy.  I am booked into hospital on Thursday to be induced. I have to ring at 8am to check bed availability and they will then tell me when I need to go in. Apparently they have a lot of

Week 37 ~ Pregnancy Update

I am now officially full term alhamdulillah! Scary stuff!! The 9 months, even with the gestational diabetes have flown by. I had my final appointments at the diabetic clinic last week. My consultant was on holiday so someone was covering – so I didn’t think I would get the answers I wanted.  However, the consultant

Week 35 ~ Pregnancy Update

So today I am 35 weeks alhamdulillah and am sitting here thinking where has the time gone???? I only have 5 weeks left till my due date! Scary stuff. So the week before last I went to see my community midwife. She has decided that because I am now being seen by the hospital every

Week 32 ~ Pregnancy Update

32 weeks tomorrow alhamdulillah. I’m going to have a baby soon!! Washed all of the baby’s clothes I already have purchased, ready for the hospital bag and it has made it seem that little bit more real. Sleepless nights will soon be here!! I went to the diabetic clinic on Thursday and alhamdulillah all is

Week 31 ~ Pregnancy Update

31 weeks alhamdulillah!! The weeks have flown by! I keep being told that there is not long to go now and it will continue to fly by. But I remember in my first pregnancy the final weeks dragged!! I have now left work. I am on annual leave until the end of July and maternity

Week 29 ~ Pregnancy Update

SubhanAllah cannot believe I am in the third and final trimester. The countdown begins now. I have only 2 weeks left at work, as stated before I have decided to take my maternity leave early so that I can spend the summer holidays with munckin and decorate the house and shop in peace. Although I

Week 26 ~ Pregnancy Update

SubhanAllah! Can’t believe I am 26 weeks today! It only seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant! The days and weeks are flying by! I am FINALLY beginning to show and people can now notice that I am pregnant.  So I had my next appointment at the diabetic clinic. And the Midwife decided

Week 23 ~ Pregnancy Update

Dear Baby, I am not sure why you are determined to make mummy’s scans difficult. Either you are very shy or simply like playing games; I hope it is the first. It is NOT funny hiding your face behind your hands when that is the one thing that the sonographer has brought me back to

Week 22 ~ Pregnancy Update

I had my second appointment with the diabetic clinic at the hospital on Thursday. I am grateful that they are looking after me but am getting so tired of all the extra appointments! Basically they weigh me, take my blood pressure and check my urine. I then see a midwife for a quick chat about