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5 Childrens Books for Eid

Having shared a few lists of books I thought I would share some Eid related books that we have at home. I have mentioned previously that as a child it was hard to get into the spirit of Eid. All our extended family was in Pakistan so Eid would generally be a quiet affair, possibly […]

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Eid Gifts from Mini Muslim Playground

Disclosure: This post is written as Brand Ambassador for Mini Muslim Playground. I wasn’t asked to write it but I wanted to share some of the products we were sent and I feel would make perfect gifts. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t approve of them. Games   Build  Masjid, A Fun Counting Game […]

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Eid Gift Guide – 10 Small Businesses

Eid Gift Guide - small businesses

Last year I did an Eid Gift Guide focusing on Islamic toys: Islamic Toys for Eid Gifts. This year I thought I would be different and focus on some of the smaller start up businesses with some unique gifts for a range of ages. So here are 10 of my favourites. Please note that I […]

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Eid Crafts and Decorations

Eid Balloons

We love decorating the house for Eid. It is so important to make it special for the children. As a child I was just excited to get a day off from school and knowing I would get money. But we need to show our children that Eid is much more than that, to build some […]

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