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5 Childrens Books for Eid

Having shared a few lists of books I thought I would share some Eid related books that we have at home. I have mentioned previously that as a child it was hard to get into the spirit of Eid. All our extended family was in Pakistan so Eid would generally be a quiet affair, possibly […]

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Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures – Beautifully Different

Yousuf's Everyday Adventures Beautifully Different

Beautifully Different Author: Dana Salim Illustrator: Pavel Goldaev Hardcover Publisher: DS Publishing Why are people different? Why can’t we be the same? Find out with Yousuf, In the Imagination Game. Beautifully Different is the second book in the new series by Dana Salim: Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures. This story is based on the question asked at […]

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Review: My Ramadan Fun Book

My Ramadan Fun Book

I remember as a child looking forward to Ramadan simply because I could stay up late and eat at random times in the evening with my dad, especially in the summer months. I used to fast…but did I truly understand why? No not really; it was just something I was told about and just did […]

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Review: My Eid Mubarak Storybook

Eid Mubarak storybook page

My Eid Mubarak Story Book Author: Omer Naqi Illustrator: Sierra Mon Ann Vidal Softcover ‘The Eid Mubarak Storybook is a fun and exciting book that teaches children about the traditions of Eid. Join Emaan, Inaaya, Noorah and their friends as they get ready to celebrate Eid this year.’ My Eid Mubarak storybook is the first […]

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Review: It’s Ramadan, Curious George

Its Ramadan , Curious George

It’s Ramadan, Curious George Board Book Author: Henna Khan Illustrator: Mary O’Keefe Young RRP: £5.99 ‘George is so excited. He is going to celebrate Ramadan with his friend Kareem! Together they sample special treats, make baskets to donate to the needy, and look for the crescent moon.’ Last year there was a lot of excitement […]

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