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Project 365

Project 365 – October 8 to October 14

Day 280 Today was the annual half marathon that passes by my parents house. So even though it was Sunday the girls and I were up and out and at my parents for 9.30 before the roads shut. One of my old work colleagues and friend was running it this year so we had to […]

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Project 365 – October 1 to October 7

oct 1 to Oct 7

Day 273 – Although hubby usually has Sunday off he decided to work today as had to take off 2 days during the week…so it was another quiet Sunday. Was planning to take the girls to the fair but it started raining… let them watch some films on NOW TV. Rosie had a chilled out day […]

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Project 365 – September 24 to September 30

A pretty boring, and on the whole an uneventful week to be honest… (except for Friday!) Day 266 – Bee has been sent a Silvercross Dolls Pram so we have been reviewing that. She loves it! Day 267 – Trying to get myself motivated to do the blogging things I need to do and get organised. […]

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Project 365 – September 17 to 23

Day 260 – A quiet day at home, with hubby away our Sunday’s are pretty quiet. Was my brothers birthday…he would have been 48 if he was still around. Day 261 – Girls at school, Bee started her part time morning sessions today and stayed for lunch. She was quite happy and told me what […]

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Project 365 – September 10 to September 16

Day 253 – A quiet Sunday at home. Checking out a new game Jungle Speed. Review will be up on the blog soon. Day 254 – Bee’s first day in reception! She is part time for 2 weeks before going full time. She was so excited and in all honesty I think she is more […]

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