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Project 365

Project 365 – April 16 to April 22

Day 106 – Hubby’s day off today so we took the girls for some bowling before visiting dad at hospital. Day 107 – Hubby and mine 12th wedding anniversary. We don’t usually do much to celebrate, and were in even less of a mood to celebrate with dad in hospital, but family got us some cake. Day […]

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Project 365 – April 9 to April 15

Day 99 – Not really pleased with some of the care that dad is receiving. The bandages on his legs clearly needed changing which hadn’t been done so had to actually ask them to be changed. The blood was beginning to seep through and they smelt… but for today heres a pic of Bee’s new […]

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Project 365 – April 2 to April 8

Another week of hospital visits so not a particularly interesting week again. Day 92 – Those who read last weeks Project 365 will know that on Saturday I had to call the ambulance for dad. Hubby arrived at the hospital later that night and dad was eventually moved to the medical assessment unit at 1am. The […]

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Project 365 – March 26 to April 1

Day 85 – Took the girls to the fair as we haven’t done much recently. Day 86 – Kube Publishing unexpectedly sent me one of their books with a kind message. Day 87 – Hubby’s friend was visiting from London today as he wanted to visit dad. So a day of cooking and cleaning was […]

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Project 365 – March 19 to March 25

A quiet week to be honest. Spending most of my time at my parents and not doing much else. Day 78 – We received some Arabic ‘Ludo Cubes’ from France to check out. Will be reviewed soon on the blog. Thought they might be a bit childish for Bee but she loves playing with them. […]

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