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Review: Kiddicone, Gifts for Children Starting School

Kiddicone stationary and toys

Celebrate First Day at School with the Perfect Gift! Bee will be starting school in September and we find out which school she has got in a few weeks time. She was initially excited but now that the reality is kicking in….that she will be leaving the nursery she has been attending for over a […]

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Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups: Posy

Posy zoomer tiny pup

Bee was recently given the chance to try out Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups. We were a bit clueless as to what to expect and I must admit when it first arrived I did feel a bit underwhelmed when I saw it. It was small and although interactive I wasn’t entirely sure it was worth the […]

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Review: Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker

S+ Res med Sleep tracker

I know I don’t sleep very well. And sleep is so important for our health and well being. You don’t sleep well and you are likely to have a headache throughout the day, be less productive….and possibly grumpy like me! I am usually awake till midnight…and it often takes me a good hour or so […]

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Chicco Arrow Balance Bike from Kiddies Kingdom

Chicco Balance Bike

My eldest at almost 11 years old still can’t ride a bike if it doesn’t have stabilisers. We tried to teach her but she gave up and insisted she didn’t want to learn. So we left it and didn’t push her. Back then I hadn’t heard of balance bikes – were they even around 6 […]

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Having fun and learning with Cbeebies Magazine

Cbeebies Magazine

If you have a CBeebies fan in the house like I do, then they are sure to love the CBeebies Magazine. It is packed full of activities and it’s not just fun but is educational too as it supports the Early Years Curriculum. The issue we received is a big colouring issue…and to help with […]

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