Lets Read Together is all about reading with your children, finding books that are suitable for them to read.

Many Muslim parents are often on the look out for books that have an Islamic theme, that can help teach their children more about Islam and increase their love for their faith. Books that have a moral behind them, to help teach children life lessons.

I am currently adding to my children’s library of books which are specifically Islamically focused and decided to review a book on a fortnightly basis, after I was asked to recommend some books when sharing some pictures of recently purchased books on Instagram and Twitter. It can be a struggle to find good Islamic books, although, alhamdulillah, the variety that is available is increasing.

Although the theme is ‘Books for Muslim Kids’, these books don’t specifically have to be targeted just to the Muslim audience.

A book will be shared fortnightly on a Wednesday, and I would love it if other bloggers joined in and shared their ‘books for Muslim kids’. If you would like to take part then feel free to add the badge below to show you are taking part and help others find more books in sha Allah.


Lets Read Together

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  1. samira
    January 24, 2016 at 6:50 am (1 year ago)

    I can’t wait to order this book, I am so happy it is available on amazon.


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