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My Hijab, My Empowerment

New post in my ongoing Hijab Series is written by sister Ashley. In her post she talks about how the hijab is her empowerment. ****************************************** Being a Muslimah and covered woman for over two years now, and living in the United States and United Kingdom, I have become very, very accustomed to being spit, stared, and

Hijab- My journey and thoughts

Today I am sharing a post from fellow muslimah blogger Zehera in my hijab series.  In this post she shares her thoughts on hijab. Hijab is basically defined as the headscarf worn by Muslim women with the aim of covering their head (hair) and chest, when in front of non-mahrams. I think the word Hijab needs

Why are you wearing a hair net?

Next up in my hijab series is sister Khawlah. In this post she talks about being asked questions as a result of wearing hijab. “Why are you wearing a hair net?” Working as a healthcare assistant in a psychiatric hospital, I meet a variety of people, meeting new faces – staff and patients – on a

Muslim Mums in Business – Barakah London

My Muslim Mums in Business series focus’s on inspirational Muslim women, who are balancing the art of motherhood along with running businesses.     Please introduce yourself and your business Hi, my name is Sainab and I run a business with my sister called Barakah London. It is an abaya brand where we custom make abayas for

Getting Children Excited About Ramadan

Today’s post in my series of posts about making Ramadan fun for children, is written by sister Naimah, blogger at This Beautiful Life of Ours. Here she shares her thoughts on how to make Ramadan exciting for children.   This is an exciting time for all Muslims, but especially for children for it is that time

Ramadan Baskets

Fellow blogger at All Of Us at 119 shares a lovely idea of Ramadan Baskets as part of my series of posts on making ramadan fun for children.  Life with three little ones is hectic to say the least. They keep me busy and I try to keep them busy, happy and healthy. But with Ramadan fast

The benefits of homeschooling for Muslims

This is a scheduled post. Next in my series of guest posts is a post from Weronika who blogs at Multicultural Motherhood My name is Weronika and I am a mother of two young children from the south west of England. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and have recently started a PhD in