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Day 4: Something I would like to do again

Asalaam Alaikum One thing I would like to do is visit Murree in Pakistan again. I got married in Pakistan and I went to Murree with my hubby after we got married but returned immediately as my father suddenly got very ill. The scenery was breath taking at times. I would love to go and […]

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Asalaam Alaikum So when did you start to wean your children ie stop giving them breastmilk (if you were breastfeeding) exclusively? The recommended 6 months? Or earlier?  These days if you suggest weaning before 6 months the health visitor will look at you in total horror as if you have completely lost your head.  As […]

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First Blog Award

Asalaam Alaikum! I have been tagged in this so going along with it!! Awarded by: Yara What now? Thank you for my first ever award! I now need to write 7 facts about myself, and tag 7 other bloggers to do the same… I will try to keep the facts different this time and unusual 7 […]

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Day 3. Cast of favourite show

Asalaam Alaikum Oh I have a number of favourite shows but I must dedicate this blog post to……… ****UGLY BETTY!!**** Yes at times it was down right daft but it kept me entertained. The night it ended I was totally miserable!  Source

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Silent Sunday: Bird Fight

Asalaam Alaikum and Hello!  I’ve finally decided to take part in ‘Silent Sunday’ Full details can be found here Basically you just post a picture without any words  (I’m adding words this time as it’s my first time of participating!) So here’s my Silent Sunday

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