My John Lewis Kitchen Wish List

I am hopeful that we will move soon. My hubby knows I want to move and he also realises that we DO need a bigger house due to our family growing; it’s not just me being fussy!
One thing I am looking forward to is being able to redecorate and buying the things I want to but haven’t been able to due to lack of space. It also gives me a good excuse to replace items which are beginning to look a bit worn and tired.
One thing I would like is a lovely kitchen. I spent a few thousand on our kitchen but sadly a cowboy builder was recommended to us who ruined things. So I still do not have my dream kitchen with lovely accessories!
One item I need to replace is my microwave. At the moment mine is a basic small white one and I would simply love to have a built in microwave like this.

I also need a dishwasher as there is no space in our kitchen at the moment. I love the idea of an integrated one such as this on the John Lewis website.
I also love gadgets and accessories so would love to get these (even if I strictly don’t need them):
My shopping list could be endless! 
Disclaimer: All images are taken from John Lewis website, and this is a sponsored post as per my disclosure policy.


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