We can cook!

So following on from my revelation that I am not useless  and can actually cook for guests that come round without causing them food poisoning, I have decided to be a bit adventurous and try making new dishes regularly. I usually stick to the dishes I know, thinking that I was even rubbish at them, but seeing as I am no longer at work and have time, I want to experiment a bit more. So in sha Allah I will try a new recipe once a month and blog about it.

We had more guests come yesterday so I was stuck back in the kitchen! I did well, even if I do say so myself!!



If anyone else would like to improve their culinary skills them please do join in, will add a monthly linky! Lets join in together and create some mouth watering dishes and prove to the unbelievers that we CAN actually cook!

Look forward to you joining in and trying your recipes.


Muslim Mummy

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