My Dad’s Beard by Zanib Mian

Over a year ago I reviewed a book Adam, Lost and Found. The author, Zanib Mian, has now launched a new book, ‘My Dad’s Beard’ and I was lucky enough to receive a copy to review. My regular readers know that I am an avid reader and Munchkin already has a love of books. I am hoping Bee will follow. As part of their ongoing book collection, I am always on the look out for good books for Muslim children, so I was pleased to hear of a new book.

My Dad's Beard by Zanib Mian


The title is pretty self explanatory. The book is about a little boy and his dad’s beard.

Does you Dad have a beard?

Mine does! I like it!

Let me show you why….

Reasons as to why he likes the beard include ‘When he kisses me, it tickles me’ and the best reason of all: ‘My Dad says he has got a beard because he’s copying the greatest man who ever lived’.

The target audience for the book is 2-7 years. Munchkin is almost 8 and for her it is very basic as she is advanced with her reading. However, it did not stop her reading it and enjoying it. It will be more suitable for Bee once she starts understanding more and reading.

The illustrations used throughout the book are engaging as they are big and bright and clearly portray what the boy is thinking.

My Dad's Beard book


My Dad’s Beard will definitely keep a child’s interest. It is not just the illustrations that are colourful, the font used for the text varies on each page, for example on one page the alphabet fridge magnets are used as illustrations, also showing a fridge. Such a fun way!

The book is heart warming as it is not just about the beard, but shows the young boy’s love for his father. It is a welcome addition to our collection.

As part of the launch, Sweet Apple publishers have launched a campaign, where you can win a signed copy of the book and are also hoping to raise money for Syria.

To launch Sweet Apple Publishers’ new book, ‘My Dad’s Beard’, which celebrates the special bond between fathers and their children; we are running the #MyDadsBeard campaign. With one month to publication we want to see dads getting creative and sharing amusing, quirky, or even simply sentimental pictures of themselves with their children. We want to see diversity in the people in these pictures and in the types of facial hair too! We want pictures from dads of all ages and backgrounds, with all types and colours of beards, no matter how long or short! We even want to extend the campaign to granddads and uncles, who also get a mention in the new book! Other than having a great time taking pictures with your little ones, you will be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of ‘My Dad’s Beard.’ We are giving away ten of these!

For full details on how to enter and how to help raise money for Syria then pop along to their website here:

The campaign ends on 31st May so get your entries and donations in before then!


Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the book for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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