Saturday Spotlight: Islamic Reliefs #Cakes4Syria

Back in December I did a post about Syria.

Although Syria doesn’t seem to make the news much now, this doesn’t mean help is still not needed.

According to Islamic Relief:  ‘Over 6 million Syrians are in need for humanitarian aid, around 4 million people have been internally displaced, more than 1.7 million refugees have fled the country to neighboring countries’.

Therefore, funds are still needed to help those displaced.

Sibbat e Noor, an Islamic Relief Volunteer, came up with the idea of selling chocolate fudge cakes for £10 to raise funds for Syria. This year the campaign is bigger and better and has expanded to many more cities than before.

Cakes are available during Ramadan and are delivered to your door by volunteers.

Cakes for Syria


All proceeds go to Islamic Relief UK’s projects in Syria… what are you waiting for? Phone the number and see if they deliver to your door!

Just 2 weeks left until the end of Ramadan in sha Allah!

How can you resist a chocolate cake! And for only £10!

There are 14 slices so ideal to share with family and friends.

Add a bit of cream or ice cream and enjoy!

Chocolate cake for Syria

Saturday Spotlight

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  • what a lovely idea, and the cake looks very nice as well. A lot of us moan about our life here in the UK, but in reality its not such a bad life when you compare it to places like Syria, Well done for supporting them.