Project 365 – Days 179 to 185

Another quiet week to be honest as it is Ramadan.

Days 179 - 185

Day 179 – Sunday 28th June

During Ramadan we have moved Munchkin’s horse riding lessons to a Sunday afternoon so I can attempt to have a bit of a lie in on Saturday mornings. Took Bee along so she could meet the horses. I was a bit concerned with her going near my favourite horse as he has a bit of a habit of shoving you in an attempt to find polos, but it was amazing how gentle he was with her…it’s almost as if he knew she was a little one and he had to be careful.

Day 180 – Monday 29th June

It has been one week now since we laid our new lawn…It is amazing how well the grass is growing!

Day 181 – Tuesday 30th June

Because we can’t walk on the grass for another 3 weeks, I can’t get the girls pool out. So cleaned the sand table and had some sand fun instead.

Day 182 – Wednesday 1st July

Hot day so spent most of it indoors! Bee watching Waybuloo on TV and copying their exercises!

Day 183 – Thursday 2nd July

Honestly didn’t do much today at all. So you have a picture of my honeysuckle. I almost pulled the whole bush out as it was looking messy. But the flowers are pretty and it smells gorgeous.

Day 184 – Friday 3rd July

Bee has gotten into the habit of insisting she has her picture taken by the flowers. Love these lilies at my parents house.

Day 185 – Saturday 4th July

The school was holding a festival to raise funds. Thought we would make an effort to go as haven’t gone before. Wish we hadn’t bothered. Was slightly boring, car boot, about 3 bouncy castles that were too hot to go on…and disorganised entertainment. So we just got some cupcakes and left.

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