5 books for Muslim Children #RaisingReaders

I have recently started to buy a variety of Islamic books for the girls. Reading is important which is why they already have a variety of books. But I also want to ensure they are brought up with an Islamic ethos which is why I am keen to improve their library to include Islamic books. As part of the Lets Read Together Blog Hop I have decided to share 5 of our books which we love in the house.

Our 5 Books for Muslim Children:

Don't Forget to Say Bismillah


Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah

This is a current favourite of Bee’s. Mainly I think because it is interactive. She loves pressing the buttons and hearing the words, both in Arabic and English.

The story is simple, about a family as they set off on their day of work and school and the story shows how the youngest child learns how to say her first Arabic words such as Bismillah.


The Story of the Elephant


The Story of The Elephant

Another favourite is another new addition to our library. I have reviewed this previously on the blog: Let’s Read Together: The Story of the Elephant. I think Bee loves this as it is another book which in interactive with flaps, pop ups and elephants to colour. For the older kids there is a quiz at the end to ensure they have understood the story.


A-Z of aklaaq


A-Z of Akhlaaq – Moral Values for Children

This book isn’t exactly a favourite as such, but one book that I feel every parent should have. It teaches some valuable morals:

N is for neighbour, for whom we have to care

Our Prophet has set an example

And showed us how to share.


365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad


365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad

This is one that Munchkin likes to read. Although it is quite text heavy, she enjoys reading so it is perfect for her. It is an ideal book as it provides a fun and interesting look into the life and times of Prophet Muhammad (saw).







Goodnight Stories from the Quran

Goodnight Stories from the Quran

Most children love bedtime stories so why not incoporate stories from the Quran. The stories are probably suitable for slightly older children rather than toddlers though .

Stories include:

*How Ibrahim came to know Allah

*Building the Kabah

and many more.


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