Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah! Sound Book

Don't Forget to Say BismillahDon’t Forget To Say Bismillah

Desi Doll Company
RRP: £15
Age 3+

A simple story about a young muslim family and how they use basic Dua’s in their everyday life. The story shows how the youngest member of the family, Safiyya, learns to say her first arabic words simply by listening to those around her


This is one book I got some time ago and although I mentioned it in my 5 books for Muslim Children roundup I never got round to doing a proper review.

Bee loves this one, which is mainly due to the fact that it is not simply a book but is a book with sound. She has read it so much that she has actually managed to rip put the pages of the book from the cover! And that would be my only criticism, that it could have done with being a bit more sturdy for over zealous kids.

The story itself is about a muslim family going about their daily life; getting ready for school, starting nursery and bumping into friends at the supermarket. Reminders to say Bismillah are incorporated into the story line:

‘Everything will go well, Insha’Allah’. reassures Mum, ‘but don’t forget to say Bismillah before beginning anything you do.’

Many arabic words are used such as Al-Hamdulillah, MAsha’Allah and SubhanAllah. What makes it more interesting for the children is that they can press the buttons to hear the words pronounciation. In addition to this, children can also hear the English translation so they can understand what the Arabic words mean.

The illustrations are simple but colourful. They are eye catching for a 3 year old.

Dont forget to say Bismillah

If you are looking for a story with depth then this isn’t the book for you. However, the main focus of this book is to show the usage of common Arabic words in day to day life which it has successfully achieved. I feel the story itself is age appropriate and children should enjoy it.

As this is a sound  book I thought it was ideal to make a short video to let you hear how it sounds as that is the most important aspect of the book.

Don’t forget to say Bismillah is available at Desi Doll Company and also Amazon (affiliate link): Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah!

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  • Very informative post, This is a book I would love to get for my little niece. Love the little video clip, good to hear the ‘voice’ behind #MuslimMummy . Shukran for sharing this review.

  • Awww, that’s very nice and a good reminder for the adults who are reading this book to the kids! It’s nice to see how many kid friendly Islamic books there are nowadays. The didn’t have such nice picture books when I was growing up!

  • Aww, what a nice concept and reminder also for the the adults reading along with the kids! It’s nice to see all these kid friendly Islamic books! They didn’t have much when I was growing up.
    Rafia recently posted…Coming HomeMy Profile

  • Lovely review that encourages people to go for the book. The idea that the book also has sound is a plus. I know similar concepts for animal voices or music instruments and that is something that stays in mind for years and is funny too. I would have pressed the buttons all the time 🙂

  • I like how they’ve used a child’s voice for the sounds, makes it so much more appealing to children. Good to hear your lovely voice as well 🙂

  • Your writing is beautiful mashallah. The book looks quite nice for us mummies to help our children learn basic islamic values. I always say bismillah when feeding food to my 9 month old so that she learns it

  • I really WANT this book for my son. I am sure he will learn a lot from it and it is a very nice and interesting way of teaching Islamic education to the children.

  • I really love all of your efforts for making learning about islam easy and fun for kids and the mothers too! And this is one of those awesome products too