Back to School with Sambro Disney Princess Backpack

From sharing Bee’s birth story in 2012, it is now time to think about her starting school. In around 6 weeks time she will be starting off with having half days in reception class, building it up to full days after 2 weeks if the school think she is ready. In all honesty I think she is pretty much ready to have full days almost immediately!

Starting school can be pretty daunting, even if they have attended preschool and there are a number of ways to prepare them for this next step!

Talk to Them

That may be stating the obvious but talk about school as much as you can. All the fun things they will do, the new friends they will make. Talk about the teacher by name and how your child needs to speak to them if they have any problems. We are lucky in that the school are holding some sessions in August for the children to go in. They will be able to do some activities with their families and get to know others in their class. Hopefully this will help make it slightly easier for them for when they start in September.

Dressing and Going to the Toilet

Practice putting on their uniform in the holidays and taking it off. It will be one less thing for them to worry about and get potentially stressed over when they have to get changed for PE. Also if they are confident in using the toilet and wiping themselves then they will have that sense of independence and they won’t be worrying about going to the toilet.

Picking a Lunchbox and Backpack

If you child is going to take lunch from home then if they have a lunchbox or backpack with their favourite character on it it just may make them a little bit excited about going to school. Bee recently received a Disney backpack from Sambro and she is so excited to be able to take it when she goes.

Sambro Disney Princess BackpackBehaving like a bit of a princess herself at times it is perfect for her!

And it is pink…her favourite colour at the moment. So it is ideal!

Bee absolutely loves the backpack as the lenticular design gives the bag a 3D look and makes it look as though the princesses are moving. She has been wearing it around the house and garden in practice for when she goes to school.

Suitable for ages 3+, it measures approximately 34cm x 27cm x 10cm and is the perfect size for Bee. It also has adjustable shoulder straps so the straps can be adjusted to ensure the bag is in a comfortable position for your child to carry. 

Disney Princess Backpack Sambro

Disney Princess Sambro Backpack

The bag has one large zip compartment which is spacious enough to hold some basic school essentials. For Bee it is perfect for a change of clothes or to place her cardigan if she doesn’t want to wear it. She will also be taking a water bottle and there is plenty of space for that and more. There is also a sturdy handle allowing the little ones to easily hang the bag on their coat peg.

What I personally love about the bag is that the front is wipe clean. However I have noticed that there are already quite a few scratches on the front. However these aren’t particularly noticeable unless you look very closely. If the rest of the bag gets dirty (which it more than likely will in little hands), it should be relatively easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Sambro were also kind enough to send Bee some matching Disney Princess stationary. With Sambro your little one can have a full matching Disney Princess set!

Sambro stationary

Any fan of the Disney Princess’s will love both the bag and the stationary!

The backpack is available to purchase from Amazon: Disney Princess Junior Backpack Girls School Bag Kids Rucksack Cinderella Belle and Very.

Sambro Backpack


Disclosure: We were sent a Disney Princess Backpack for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.


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