Review: Hatchimals Glittering Garden

There was much excitement in the house when our Hatchimal from Spinmaster arrived! And they were pleased to see it was a glitter Hatchimal. The glitter Hatchimal is the same as the original Hatchimal; it simply has a glittery egg and a Hatchimal who is shimmery!

Hatchimals Glittering Garden

Of course the girls wanted to hatch it straight away.

What’s in the box?

Glitter Gardens Hatchimals

Along with the egg itself you can a guide of what the Hatchimal can do and also what the colours of its eyes mean; the colours are indicative of its mood and what it needs.

Hatching the egg

The egg itself is pretty fragile so you have to be careful of it. If you manage to break it before it has hatched then you completely miss the hatching experience.

Once you remove the egg from the box and also a base which is what stops it from hatching, you then have to look after the egg and play with it to get it to hatch. As soon as you remove the egg from all the packaging you can hear noises from within the egg. Bee was so excited to hear the Hatchimal and just couldn’t wait for it to hatch! You could also see the lights in its eyes flashing through the egg.

Glitter Hatchimal Egg

It takes the Hatchimal around 15-20 minutes to hatch. As the hatching is one of the main unique points of the product it would have been nice if it lasted a bit longer…..but then the problem with that is whether the child would remain interested if it carried on for too long? Bee was fascinated by the whole process so I think she would have been happy if it had gone on slightly longer. Ours started hatching after about what felt like 10 minutes.

Bee was so excited when the Hatchimal started ‘pecking’ away at the egg to get out; her excitement was pretty infectious and we all couldn’t wait to see what came out! It did struggle at one point and we had to break a small piece away for it to keep moving. And once it had broken through you had to help remove the top part of the egg.

Hatchimal hatching

Once it is hatched you have to pull it out of the egg. That does require a strong pull and I was worried I would break it…..but it is pretty sturdy!

How cute is the Hatchimal??

Glitter Hatchimal Hatched

The thing with Hatchimals is that you don’t know which one you are going to get. There are different colours so it is a complete surprise when they hatch.

Playing with the Hatchimal

Once it has hatched the Hatchimal goes through various stages: Baby, Toddler and Kid. You know the Hatchimal is ready to play when it sings ‘Hatchy Birthday’ and that is when the fun begins!

Baby Stage: Care for me. Nuture and take care of the Hachimal’s needs.

Toddler Stage: Teach me. Teach your Hatchimal to walk, talk and dance.

Kid Stage: Play with me. Unlock 4 games which are only available in stage 5.

Our thoughts

The girls absolutely loved the Hatchimal; I think for them the hatching part was the most exciting, especially for Bee! Once it had hatched the girls had fun trying to get it from baby to toddler; I did feel though that it moved onto the toddler stage relatively quickly. They have already reached the kid stage too and have been playing games with it…but once that stage gets reached the novelty wears off slightly. However they are still playing with it occasionally and Bee has taken it to her grandparents house with her a few times.

Glitter Garden Hatchimals are priced around the £60 mark and are available from most good toy retailers and also amazon: Hatchimals 6037417 Glittering Garden Draggle

You can see our video of it hatching and dancing here:

Disclosure: We received the Hatchimal for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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