Fundraising for Diabetes UK with the London Bridges Challenge 2019

I don’t often write about it but I am a type 2 diabetic. So far I have escaped the medication and am managing to control it via diet alone. But diabetes has affected many members of my family, so when I saw an advert on Facebook by Diabetes UK for the London Bridges Challenge I had to learn more.

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Join us and 5,000 fellow London Bridgers on 29 September as, united, we walk to change our future across 10 miles and 12 iconic bridges.

I must admit I never walk anywhere. I am always in the car for the school runs, shopping, popping round to the parents, so the idea of walking 10 miles seemed a bit daunting. But it is not really a challenge if you are going to find it easy! So I started thinking about signing up! Thankfully when I shared the walk on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to do it a friend immediately said she would, which then pushed me to register. Otherwise I don’t think I would have signed up by myself! We now have about 2-3 other friends who said they would join us and we are still trying to recruit more! Do you fancy it??

Why Am I Doing This?

Apart from the fact that I wanted to do something different, diabetes is an illness that affects so many of us. More money and research is needed to help support those who have it and also to keep looking for a cure.

My mother had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy with me and it was discovered she had it with a baby before me…but sadly he died at birth. After I was born the diabetes stayed with her…so she has now had it for almost 40 years. My father also ended up getting diabetes. I had gestational diabetes with both my girls…with Bee I had it from pretty much the start. However after the birth the diabetes went but came back about 3 years ago. My husband, with no history of it in his family, has now also got it. I do worry that in the future my girls may also end up diabetic

Having diabetes is worrying as there are so many potential health related complications:

  • Eyesight problems – vision loss and blindness are a concern so yearly eye checks need to be conducted.
  • Nerve damage
  • Feet problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart Disease and Stroke

Therefore diabetes, as indeed any other health issues, should not be taken lightly.


How Can You Help?

The challenge takes place on 29th September 2019 and is a 10 mile walk starting in Battersea Park and finishing in Potters Fields Park. We are looking forward to walking around London and seeing the different bridges! I honestly hadn’t realised there were so many! You can help by taking part yourself, donating direct to Diabetes UK, or sponsoring people who are taking part in the challenge.

I would love it if you could support me and my 13 year old daughter in the London Bridges Challenge by sponsoring us! Every £1 helps. You can sponsor us via my fundraising page:

Thank you in advance. Together we can fight diabetes!

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