Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Participate in Martial Arts

My interest in martial arts for the girls started when my eldest started school and I heard of incidents of bullying and general nastiness…and I wanted to ensure she knew some form of self defence. Although she had no interest in it and we gave up after trying a few places, my youngest started when she was about 3 years old. And I have realised that it is not just about learning self defence….but there are many more benefits.

Her current school focuses on 5 things which they call 5 points of the star in their logo:


These 5 areas are true for pretty much any form of martial arts.


Apart from building up your confidence to be able to defend yourself, martial arts gradually builds up your self confidence generally. Any child lacking in confidence will have the opportunity to socialise with others. Lessons are generally taught in group settings…with children often working with each other when it comes to practicing their moves. For example one child may hold some pads while the other practice their kicks. Our school also holds regular interclub competitions for those who are interested in competitions with another martial arts school. This also helps improve confidence with competing.


Respect is important in all aspects of life and this is no different. The children are taught to respect their dojo, the instructors and each other. Also to respect the art of what they are learning and to use it wisely.


The road to becoming a black belt is not easy. And therefore martial arts will teach your child self discipline. The discipline to attend regular classes and train regularly and also the discipline to know to when to use their martial arts skills.


The children need to have a high level of focus in their classes. They have to focus on their skills and their moves and also focus on their goal of achieving the black belt and beyond.


Success is in many forms in martial arts. From learning a new move in their class to achieving their next belt in gradings. Our martial arts school uses success as a summary of their 5 point star….achieving confidence, discipline, focus and respect is all part of success.

More generally there are also a number of other benefits.

Martial arts provides physical activity. Today’s generation are growing up with technology everywhere and can often be found behind a screen with hardly any exercise being done. The training helps build stamina and endurance in children and also helps improve balance and posture.

There are so many benefits of sports, whether individual sports such as learning to swim or benefits of team sports for kids.

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