Looking forward to 2020 and making life goals

I am not really one for making goals. I am more of a ‘lets take each day as it comes and see what happens’ kind of person. However I think that can be a bit of a downfall, with no specific goals it can be easy to end up feeling a bit lost and uncertain of which direction you are heading.

The problem though is that if you make very specific goals and then don’t meet them you can potentially end up feeling like a failure. So I am keeping my goals a bit more general.


I have always battled with my faith and my goal for this year is to continue to work on strengthening it. I was going to Quran classes to correct my tajweed but for various reasons I stopped them. My goal now is to get back to some classes and continue to study the Quran and try to feel it from my heart….rather than just see it as something I have to do.

Self Care and Fitness

I am the worst person to look after myself. I end up putting everyone else before me and it has got to that stage where it is affecting me mentally. I feel like I put everyone else first and no-one truly cares about me and how I am feeling. So this is the year to be slightly selfish, to put myself first and make myself happy again.

My health has also taken a bit of a battering recently, and I have been eating unhealthy again. So the goal is to get back to healthy eating and get back to exercising regularly. This is vital as I know my diabetes management has deteriorated and I really do not want to end up on medication.

Confidence in Myself

Contrary to how it comes across I am not overly confident. I have said no to a few opportunities that have come my way due to a lack of self belief and now I am kicking myself as to why I said no. So the goal is that 2020 is the year I won’t say NO and I will BELIEVE in myself.

Family and Travel

We love getting out and about and the goal is to continue exploring the UK and beyond. I want my girls to experience the world in a way I wasn’t able to as a child and show them how others live and their cultures. Previously we have managed to go to Wales, Edinburgh and Isle of Wight within the UK and to Dubai and Turkey abroad. Let’s see where this year takes us! At the moment my sights are set on Germany to go see a cousin and also to explore Cornwall.

Dubai Marina


I have now been a stay at home mum for 7 years. And frankly I have had enough. I want to get out and work again as I am honestly beginning to feel as though I am totally losing myself and my brain is turning to mush. I worked with the Citizens Advice Bureau for 9 years, and I miss that feeling of helping someone, that rush you get when you win an appeal and help improve someones life. I am restricted as to what work I can do as trying to find part time that doesn’t interfere with the girls after school activities..but this year I will get serious about looking for work. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and I need to get out of it.

What are you goals for 2020? Do share them in the comments. And why not see what goals some fellow bloggers have set for themselves?

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