Book Review: Imagine by Shoohada Khanom

Imagine by Shoohada Khanom is a book that has been on our bookshelf for a while but I don’t think I have shared it before.


Author: Shoohada Khanom

Illustratrators: Faiza Benaaouda and Vicky Amrullah


Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Its bedtime! Yunus wants to talk but his sister Saarah goes on an imagining spree. She talks about animals, and dinosaurs and aliens as friends. She talks about sending an Eid gift to orphans and cooking extra meals in Ramadan for the poor, and a whole lot more. A fun and creative story that also shows a loving sibling relationship.

One of the important things for a child’s development is play and imagination. When a child uses their imagination, it can help encourage a number of skills such as social skills and emotional skills. And this book taps into the characters imagination and makes your child use their imagination too.

If there was one word to describe the book I would say ‘fun’. The illustrations are cheerful and engaging and fill all the pages. Saarah’s imagination is just wild, thinking about taking dinosaurs to the school and masjid….and this encourages your child’s imagination to go free too!

What I personally loved was that everything Saarah imagines is related to her faith somehow..For example reading the Qur’an ‘with the giraffes, while sitting on an elephants head’. There are also mentions of dhikr, Ramadan, duas, Muslim apps and more! And salah is also not forgotten in her imaginations.

Even a mention of a prophet is in her imaginations; Prophet Yunus (AS) and telling whales the story if they didn’t know it!

Also slipped into the book is the family. For example imagining the mother is a queen and having fun with the parents with water bombs.

If you are looking for a fun and quirky book for your children to read which also incorporates aspects of Islam, then Imagine by Shoohada Khanom is it! You can purchase this via Amazon (affiliate link).

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