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Maths was my weakest subject when I was at school and it seems to be the same for my eldest. With her GCSE’s beginning in September, I have been considering getting her tuition for her GCSE years, however it can be hard to know where to go where she will receive good quality tuition.

What is toota?

toota is a tailored online 1-1 Maths tuition from UK qualified teachers.

How does toota work?

The process of receiving online tuition with toota is straightforword. You simply register and book a session. Once you have advised toota what level tuition you require and what kind of tuition you would like; Stay on Track, Exam and Revision, or a Specific maths problem, toota will match you with a tutor in time for your booked session. You can also choose either a 40 minutes session for £35 or a 60 minute session for £49.

Benefits of toota.

Fully Registered Tutors

toota is part of the UK’s largest education staffing business, Supporting Education Group, and gives you access to some of the best maths teachers in the UK. Students are connected to registered teachers and the teachers can help support borderline students or help push students to gain entrance to top schools.

Online Service

With children often busy with after school activities, toota is ideal to have tuition from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you (from a selection of times). No software is needed to be downloaded and the lesson is in real time. You can see your tutor should you wish or you can keep your camera off. Both the student and the tutor can make notes on the screen; however for this I would recommended you have a tablet/laptop with which you can write notes on screen. If there is a specific area you want help with and you have any paperwork relating to that, you can even upload it so the teacher can see.

Revision Library

Every lesson is recorded and saved which is accessible via your account. This is perfect especially if the student hasn’t made detailed notes themselves as they can play back the video whenever they want to revise the topic.

toota tuition is tailored to what you as the student needs. So if you have a specific problem you want help with you can provide them with the details of the problem in advance. This helps the tutor to prepare to teach you that area of maths. If you simply want a general stay on track lesson, then you are still asked if there is any specific area you would like covered in the lesson.

There is also flexibility in that you can book as and when you need at times that suit you.

Our thoughts of toota

My eldest had a session and was impressed with the whole process. She preferred to keep her camera off as she is a bit shy and the tutor was fine with that. We could hear him clearly and there was no problems at all during the session. He was encouraging when she got things wrong and explained things simply to her. I would say we probably would have had a better experience if we had a tablet with which she could write her calculations on screen to allow the tutor to see her calculations and potentially where she was going wrong. But that is something to bear in mind for any future lessons.

It is also useful to have all the sessions recorded and saved so your child can go back and listen to the whole lesson at their leisure. The recordings are clear and ideal to refer back to if your child needs a refresher at some point.

Book a FREE 40 minute 1-1 session

If you have been thinking to get maths tuition for your child then why not consider online tuition? It is in the comfort of your own home and is a fully interactive lesson based on YOUR needs.

toota is offering a free 40 minute online session to you if you use the code MMFREE. Head over to toota to book your free session.

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