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Hijab Series: Alina’s Hijab Story

Todays post in my hijab series is  by Alina Asif, a blogger who by the use of pen aims at spreading the peace and contentment she found in coming close to Islam. With the help of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), I look forward to help other sisters in breaking the shackles which restrict them from

Hijab Series: Hijab in the Workplace

For most of my journey as a muslimah who wears hijab, I have been either a student or a stay-home mum. Even when I worked from home, running a playgroup, and offering tuition to students, hijab was never an issue. It was something I believed in, something that was a part of me. Even though

Hijab Series: How Hijab Makes Me Feel

Hijab makes you stand out- sometimes you want to other times you don’t. It makes some onlookers weary of the hijab wearer and some encourage the wearer  to exercise her right of religious expression. Hijab gives me strength, it makes me stand tall. People step aside. It puts up boundaries around me without me having

Hijab Series: My Hijab Story

Before I became Muslim, I could never understand why anyone would want to cover their hair. I would spend a lot of time perfecting my hairstyles before leaving the house. I enjoyed it and I liked how I looked. I never thought that I would one day be a hijabi. Then, on 12th September 2007,

Hijab Series: Hijab – My Decision, My Obligation

In simple words, the word ‘hijab‘ refers to a veil that covers the head and is highly recommended for the Muslim women to wear it. Although it may sound very simple, it is not that simple for women to wear and continue wearing it everywhere. By everywhere, I mean every city or country where it

Hijab Series: Wearing the Hijab

My take on hijab is not unique in any way however it proved to be inspiring for many. It’s always good to know that I have been a motivational figure either intentionally or unintentionally.   Being born and brought up in a Muslim country, it was never really difficult to adopt this symbol of modesty.

Hijab Series: What I Got Out of Wearing Hijab

Third in my hijab series is a post from Rahila Ovais, blogging at    It has been about five years since I started wearing hijab. I cover up whenever I am out of the house without my husband. He doesn’t like me with hijab yet. He probably thinks people will assume he is the

Hijab Series: Wearing Hijab is my choice

Hijab. One word that seems to be striking fear into the hearts of the western world. So much so that they are trying to ban it. Some because they think they are liberating Muslim women. Some because they fear it. And some mainly just down to ignorance. I decided to start this series after a

Hijab Series: Hijab story, commitment not restriction!

Following on from my forced marriage series, I got the idea of doing a series on hijab after I posted a picture of Bee on my FB with a scarf draped over her and received comments that we were brainwashing our children. So I wanted to do a series of posts to show what hijab

Wearing Hijab: My Identity and a Political Act

New post in my ongoing Hijab Series is written by sister Faiza Ikram Where I live, wearing the hijab is difficult. You would not think that a piece of cloth could come with so much strife, but today, wearing the hijab is not just a religious act but a political one in the U.S.

My Hijab, My Empowerment

New post in my ongoing Hijab Series is written by sister Ashley. In her post she talks about how the hijab is her empowerment. ****************************************** Being a Muslimah and covered woman for over two years now, and living in the United States and United Kingdom, I have become very, very accustomed to being spit, stared, and

Hijab- My journey and thoughts

Today I am sharing a post from fellow muslimah blogger Zehera in my hijab series.  In this post she shares her thoughts on hijab. Hijab is basically defined as the headscarf worn by Muslim women with the aim of covering their head (hair) and chest, when in front of non-mahrams. I think the word Hijab needs