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Asalaam Alaikum and Hello!
Welcome to my blog. I am a Muslim stay at home mum, living in the UK. I have two daughters, born in 2006 (Munchkin) and 2012 (Bee). And a cat , Rosie, thrown into the mix in June 2013. We also had a rabbit who joined the family back in 2008 sadly he died in November 2014.About meI was born in the UK to Pakistani Muslim parents, so consider myself as British Muslim.
I went to university and obtained a BA (hons) Law and also studied for the LPC. I was married in 2005 and my first gorgeous daughter was born in 2006 Alhamdulillah!

I worked with an advice service for 9 years until I was sadly made redundant while on maternity leave in April 2012.

Although born Muslim and being taught the essentials of Islam by my parents I never fully embraced it. I learnt more through the islamic society at university. However I do still struggle with my faith, as I am sure most of us can do.

I created this blog to link with other muslim mums and generally discuss issues to do with parenting, islam and also working! However, this is in no way a religious blog as I am not qualified to advise on matters regarding Islam. This is purely my personal blog where I can ramble away to my hearts content.
If you wish to contact me then email me foz@muslimmummies.com