Proud Mummy Moment!

Asalaam Alaikum
So those of you who are mummies can know what a tiring job it can be but alhamdulillah so worth it!
My munchkin who is 4 has just been awarded her first merit certificate at school! (No idea what that is but hey it’s good!) She is going to be presented it in assembly on Friday. Unfortunately I’m likely to miss it as I have to work. That, I think, is the worst part of being a working mummy, missing out on some school things. However at least her dad will be able to go inshAllah as he does not work on Friday mornings!
I told munchkin her dad will be at assembly and the shock on her face was comical…… ‘WHY???’  
As if to say school was her domain and why were we even thinking of invading her school and potentially showing her up!! lol
Kids! Don’t you just love them!?

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