I just realised that I haven’t shared a single blog post this year about my gardening exploits. But the Muslimah Bloggers blogging prompt of ‘grow’ inspired me to share my flowers. We had a lot of building work over the winter months. We had a conservatory installed and then we […]

Flowers in the Garden

Days 234 - 240 4
A completely boring week to be honest, partly due to rain and partly because I ended up with a cold, but here’s my Project 365 pictures. Day 235 – Sunday 23rd August A lazy Sunday, as you can see from Rosie’s chilled out position! Day 236 – Monday 24th August Decided […]

Project 365 – Days 235 to 241

For Aisha halal baby food in pouches 9
When I was weaning Munchkin I did use jarred baby food but options were limited as they were not halal. There was some halal baby food in jars back then but the flavours were limited and Munchkin did not like them. When I weaned Bee the majority of her food […]

For Aisha – First Halal Baby Food in Pouches #Giveaway

Clarks shoes from Brantano 19
The dreaded back to school shopping is upon us. The more organised mums amongst us are probably all sorted. But if you are anything like me then you are likely to avoid shopping until the last minute! Which isn’t always the best idea as I found last year when I […]

Brantano Shoes and Pledge to Walk to School

11892005_10155911702575542_4258916701386188272_n 7
Another 2 weeks worth of Project 365, was just being lazy last week I guess, as didn’t do much! Day 221 – Sunday 9th August Quite day at home. Did a spot of weeding and got the girls involved. Munchkin wasn’t too impressed! Day 222 – Monday 10th August Planning […]

Project 365 – Days 221 234

Looking after your teeth is so important. As once your adult teeth are gone then that is pretty much it; they are not going to regrow. Which is why I instill good teeth hygiene with the girls from a young page. Bee at 3 years old is already going for […]

Invisible Braces Treatment

Penwizard potty training
There are so many articles out there on how to potty train your child with plenty of tips and tricks. But if your child really does not want to sit on the potty then you will probably end up exhausting all avenues. Best thing then is usually to take a […]

Review: Penwizard Personalised Potty Training Book

Don't Forget to Say Bismillah 9
I have recently started to buy a variety of Islamic books for the girls. Reading is important which is why they already have a variety of books. But I also want to ensure they are brought up with an Islamic ethos which is why I am keen to improve their […]

5 books for Muslim Children #RaisingReaders

11831795_10155856131500542_858369888509930503_n 6
I didn’t get round to writing up my project 365 last weekend so you have 2 weeks worth! Slightly uneventful second week as we have started potty training!! Day 207 – Sunday 26th July Today I got extremely tired with all the toy ‘mess’ that I finally started decluttering. Managed […]

Project 365 – Days 207 to 220

Train at Ferry Meadows 7
We are extremely lucky to have a country park literally on our doorstep. Play area, small train, lake, boating trips, quiet garden, cafes and water sports. It is the perfect place to spend a day and take a picnic. I have written about the park before when we went for […]

Fun with Friends at Ferry Meadows

lets-read-books-for-muslim-kids 10
Following on from my Let’s Read Together series, where I review a children’s book fortnightly, I have teamed up with Raising Young Believers to do a bigger reading project. Reading is a vital skill for everyone. It helps increase a child’s vocabulary and helps with general knowledge.  It is never too […]

Lets Read Together: Raising Readers