Hijab Series: How Hijab Makes Me Feel


Hijab makes you stand out- sometimes you want to other times you don’t. It makes some onlookers weary of the hijab wearer and some encourage the wearer  to exercise her right of religious expression. Hijab gives me strength, it makes me stand tall. People step aside. It puts up boundaries around me without me having […] Read More

Rosie’s Pet Hates

Rosie with paw over face

Today is all about me, Rosie, Muslim Mummy’s cat. My slave owner kindly gave me a home when my kittens and I were deserted. As much as I love it, I do have some pet hates… And I have been asked to write about my biggest pet hate. Now I am a pretty chilled out […] Read More

Project 365 – Days 312 to 318

Days 312 to 318

A quiet Project 365 week. Day 312 – Sunday 8th November Mainly a relaxing Sunday at home. New fridge freezer arrived, hadn’t realised how much we depend on it! And then in the evening Bee gave her dad a head massage with her feet! Day 313 – Monday 9th November Was meant to start going […] Read More

Hijab Series: My Hijab Story

Delal Designs

Before I became Muslim, I could never understand why anyone would want to cover their hair. I would spend a lot of time perfecting my hairstyles before leaving the house. I enjoyed it and I liked how I looked. I never thought that I would one day be a hijabi. Then, on 12th September 2007, […] Read More

6 Must Do Things in Dubai with Children

Dubai Creek Park

We have just got back from Dubai and we are still buzzing! It was an amazing experience but to be honest we packed so much into this trip that I doubt we will go again. And frankly it is not a cheap place to visit, especially if you want to do all the attractions. There […] Read More

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