Project 356 for 2019 – Week 20

With it being Ramadan there is not much going on with the family except fasting and praying. So it’s getting kind of hard to take interesting pictures!

Day 133 – Sunday 12th April

Back in Week 16 we planted some 9 years old out of date tomato seeds…..we failed as nothing grew. To be honest I wasn’t holding out much hope. So now we are trying out of date peppers! These aren’t as old so will see if we have some luck with these.

Showing a packet of pepper seeds


Day 134 – Monday 13th April

Bee has cooking club after school on Mondays and today she came out with this creation. I asked her what it was and she said she had forgotten. But it seemed to be a wrap with pizza base sauce, cheese, onions and peppers. She had half and then I had half when it was time to break the fast. Was actually quite nice.


Day 135 – Tuesday 14th April

It was Bee’s final session at Rainbow’s today. She was a little bit sad but thankfully no tears…she had made some friends there but I just didn’t want to pay £3 a session just for some crafts….plus I was paying for 3 lessons of Quran a week of which one lesson she was missing due to going to Rainbows. I was thinking about putting her into Beavers instead which is Fridays and doesn’t clash with her Quran class….but things might be changing financially and might be tough for a little while until things settle down… so decided against it. Even though it is just £3 a week it soon adds up.


Day 136 – Wednesday 15th April

Had my Quran class in the morning and then went shopping with hubby as he needed some new shirts and trousers. His job is changing slightly and he needs to look smarter! Cheating a bit with this picture as it was  taken yesterday….but she did the whole sunbathing thing again today!


Day 137 – Thursday 16th April

Had an extra Quran class this morning but because hubby had another day off I decided to relax at home with him a bit as we rarely get time to spend together without the kids and went out to do some shopping. A new book arrived for the girls to check out.

After karate came home and had to drive hubby to Cambridge and back as he had to pick up a car for his work. We had 2 hours before our fast opened and was nervous incase we got stuck in traffic but we managed to make it back with 15 mins to spare.


Day 138 – Friday 17th April

Had a relaxing day…caught up with some scheduling in of some posts for the 30 Ramadan Related posts  by 30 different bloggers for the Muslimah Bloggers community and then just relaxed at home in the evening once picked up the girls from school. Rosie pretty much reflecting my mood here in this picture.


Day 139 – Saturday 18th April

Really struggled this morning to get up to take Bee to her karate. Would have had a lie in and cancelled it but she has belt testing tomorrow so really needed to go to her class to practice. Popped to my mums for a while after as had dropped the eldest there while we went karate – the eldest is doing really well with her fasting…so proud of her as she’s just getting on with it, going to school and not complaining. The afternoon was just spent relaxing and not doing much…Bee got all the animals out and played with them. Although in this picture they all look like they are tired and relaxing just like me!


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Project 356 for 2019 – Week 19

Day 125 – Sunday 5th April A quiet day without the eldest at home. Popped to the shops, then to the parents and came home and put up the decorations as it might be Ramadan tomorrow. However by the evening we realised that Ramadan would most likely start on Tuesday for us, even though some

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Project 365 for 2019 – Week 18

Another relatively quiet week…just getting back into our school routines. Day 118 – Sunday 28th April Hubby’s car still isn’t is not moving at all so waiting for it to be taken to the garage. So hubby said he would take my car to get him to work today. I was going to cancel

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Project 365 for 2019 – Week 17

A relatively unexciting week!   Day 111 – Sunday 21st April Another day spent at home not doing much. Got the bubbles and games out and just relaxed at home. Did a bit of blog work and got the latest post in my Muslim Mums in Business series live featuring Lift Everest.

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Review: Ramadan Around the World

Alhamdulillah my children are lucky in that they have access to lots of Islamic books which I didn’t have as a child. Especially related to Ramadan. However sometimes there is a lack of diversity in some books; however Ramadan Around the World specifically explores diversity and different cultures within the Muslim community.

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Project 365 for 2019 – Week 16

Day 104 – Sunday 14th April After spending yesterday all day at her karate place and her inter club today was a day of just resting and not doing a huge amount. Spent some time in the garden, watched a bit of TV and not much else. So here is a picture of Rosie as

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