Review: Learning Roots Sahaba Cards

I was never really taught the word Sahaba and when I first came across it I was confused.

So what does Sahaba mean? Sahaba refers to the companions, friends and family of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, (PBUH).

Again that some something I didn’t know much about. Not having been taught much about Islamic history apart from the very basics I realised that that was something I could not then teach my children either. I had to learn myself while teaching them.

That is why when I saw the Learning Roots Sahaba Cards I had to purchase them and they also doubled up as an Eid present last year.

Learning Roots Sahaba Cards

The box contains cards which provide glimpses into the lives of men and women who were around the Prophet (pbuh), a contents card and a card giving some suggestions on how to use the cards.

Which Companions are Included?

There are 34 Companions in the set. These are:

How to Use The Cards

The cards can simply be read to learn about the sahaba. However a number of ways are suggested to help make it more fun.

Guess Who

A player picks a card and reads it out (without mentioning the name) and the other players have to guess who it is.

Question Time

A player picks a card and makes up questions based on the information provided in the card to test the other players knowledge about that Companion.

Memory Game

One Companion is picked and all the players try to remember as much information as they can about that Companion.

What Did We Think?

The cards are the perfect resource for children, and adults, to learn about the Sahaba. They are not too long but still provide important information to learn about the Companions. The different ways of using the cards make it fun and truly test your knowledge too.

The quality of the goods is also good and what I liked was that there is a saying of the Prophet (pbuh) on each card.

These cards are ideal to give as a gift. To learn more take a look at the Learning Roots website.

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