Week 22 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 145 – 24th May

Eid Day! I hadn’t managed to get the girls all the things I wanted to as due to loss of income we have to be careful with spending. But I still managed to get them enough to keep them happy. Thankfully my girls don’t expect bags of presents. I did get them lots of sweets though! Bee’s dress was the dress gifted by David Charles Childrenswear which she never got to wear to the wedding.

Monday Day 146 – 25th May

Back to normality and eating during daylight hours! Felt a bit strange to be honest. Decided to make some cheese scones which weren’t too bad! Girls soon finished them up so must have been good!

Tuesday Day 147 – 26th May

Today was the turn of bread rolls. I didn’t have much luck with freash yeast but finally managed to get some dried yeast and the bread rolls came out so soft and delicious.

In the evening we decided to go for a walk at the local country park and take Bee’s bike so she could practice cycling a bit. It is the first time since March we have gone for a walk as a family and it was nice to get out and blow the cobwebs away.

Wednesday Day 148 – 27th May

A quiet day today….just watching TV and not much else to be honest. Got some blog stuff done and published a post in my Muslim Mums in Business series by featuring Level 10 Muslimah Life Coaching.

Noticed that my Red Hot Pokers were flowering in the garden.

Thursday Day 149 – 28th May

Another 1-1 karate session today. They are allowed to book 2 30 minute sessions a week but they agreed to let us do 1 hour in one go. She was made to work hard and was bright red by the end of the session. For the first time in ages she came home and was quiet while resting up! It clearly was a good workout.

Friday Day 150 – 29th May

Some time ago I started a section on my blog for Islamic Games/Toys but I never really stuck with it. Have decided to revive it and do regular posts in the section. Started it off with the Learning Roots Sahaba Cards. Sahaba refers to the companions, friends and family of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. (PBUH)

Saturday Day 151 – 30th May

Every year one of my friends gives me a cucumber plant and we have a fun competition as to who’s grows better. This year I thought we wouldn’t be doing it but she popped round with one…..in return I gave her one of my pepper plants. It was nice to catch up with her…she stood in the driveway and we had a long chat. She had brought her son with her who is Bee’s friend and they had a nice catch up too and used chalk to colour on the driveway. I must admit it was hard for them not being able to get close and we often had to remind them to keep their distance…really made me wonder how they will be coping in schools. And I hate that this is our future for the foreseeable future.

I then decided to give Muffins in the air fryer a go and they came out really nice!

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