Quranic Infographics by Salam Comics – Review

Disclosure: We received a copy of Quranic Infographics for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Quran is something that as a child I was taught how to recite, without any understanding, no context, no meaning. It was literally just different sounds. So how is a child to then gain a connection with the Quran, to understand what it is teaching us? However our children are now so lucky as there are numerous resources out there to help them understand and gain a connection with what they are reading.

One of these resources is Quranic Infographics by Salam Comics.

This book is a collection of illustrations inspired from the verses of the Holy Quran. The artist has employed distinctly different art styles to present various topics including ethics and morality, history and law in Islam. From ancient Egyptian art to stained-glass and architectural isometric drawings, each piece has been thoughtfully composed to communicate the Quranic message to all audiences.

There are 29 Quranic topics included in the book and these include:

  • Hajj-Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Mary in the Quran
  • How to Behave with parents according to the Quran
  • Usury (Riba) in the Quran
  • Tolerance in the Quran

and more!

Each page is beautifully illustrated and covered with artwork. Each topic covered is briefly covered with Quran references and some simple facts. There is also a notes section at the back of the book discussing the page and topic. The pages are a great introduction for children on these topics and will start a discussion going, helping further their knowledge in sha Allah.

The illustrations will really engage the children and it is a colourful way for your children to understand some important topics and connect with the Quran.

The author, Mahdi Tabatabaie Yazdi states:

My humble intention in producing this book was to communicate some of the salient messages of the Holy Quran through the universal language of art………….

My only hope is to kindle an interest in my readers to further explore the Holy Quran and its Divine message.

The book is a hard cover and is really good quality. The pages are thick and not paper thin like some books I have come across. A must have to have in your book library.

For a quick glimpse into the book you can watch my IGTV.

To learn more about the author and the book and to find out purchase options head over to Salam Comics.

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