Project 366 – 8th April to 14th April

Week 15

Eid week this week.

Monday An early start this morning as headed to Specsavers for a contact lense trial for Bee. She has myopia and it appears they now have a special lense for children to help slow down the progression of the short sightedness. At her appointment last week her prescription has changed a fair bit so they discussed the lenses with her. She can either have glasses of around £200 each, or contact lenses at £38 a month which she would have to wear 6 days a week. Or just stick with normal glasses. Bee decided she wanted to give the lenses a go. It took around an hour for her to learn how to get them in and out….but she has then for a weeks trial and will see how it goes. In the afternoon we headed to a local petting zoo as the weather was nice.

Tuesday A quiet morning and then headed out to get our henna done for Eid, which is likely to be tomorrow.

Wednesday Eid day. To be honest it was a quiet one. We had ordered food, and then Minu wanted a bike with her Eid money so went and got one. Now to teach her how to ride it.

Thursday The husband decided to take the day off work today too, so headed to the local country park to try to teach Minu how to ride her bike. She started getting frustrated because she couldn’t do it…so in the end we instead headed to the embankment to feed the birds. Once we got home I cut the grass and started on the weeding. In the evening we went on a PR visit to a local circus.

Friday Changed over Minu’s swing from the baby seat to the proper one. Not sure she likes it though! Was a nice day so spent most of it in the garden.

Saturday Decided to head to Hamerton Zoo which is only 30 mins away from us. It’s not a big zoo compared to others we have been too, but great for the kids and can spend a few hours there if not all day.

Sunday Back to school next week and decided to head to a PR visit to WWT Welney, a nature reserve about 50 mins away from us. It is a nice place to walk around but only really worth it if you are really into birds. However, for kids they did have a Bing Trail and and activities in their Pond Room, so was worth going.

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Petting zoo:


Hamerton Zoo:

WWT Welney:

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