Project 366 – 1st April to 7th April

Week 14

Easter holidays but as it is Ramadan we have mainly been spending it at home.

Monday A quiet day at home. Spent a bit of time in the garden with bubbles. Although cut the grass a few weeks back, it has grown back so quickly. Waiting for Ramadan to be over before I deal with the garden and weeds.

Tuesday I had checked the weather forecast and it was rain and wind forecast for the rest of the week. Today was the only decent day. So decided to head to a local farm as needed to get out. Don’t think it was the best idea while fasting as was really tired when got home. But it was nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Wednesday Popped to the parents house and then asked the nephew to grab us a takeaway when it was time to open the fast. There was a new one I wanted to try and wanted the loaded fries. Sadly I told him to get the chilli chicken rather than the sweet chilli chicken, and then he added sauce on it too…so it was just too spicy for me. I managed about half but then couldn’t finish it.

Thursday Headed out to the mums walk and talk but really wasn’t in the mood. Minu was being difficult and just wanted to go to the play area but it was muddy and wet. In the end just left and came home. Not sure will bother in the future as all she does is whine that she wants to go to the play area. Husband was home so popped out to do some food shopping and then just relaxed. Minnie in the evening was fascinated by the night lights I put on for Minu at bedtime.

Friday Another quiet day at home. Decided to share a book I recently purchased on the blog and social media: Allah is so kind to me.

Saturday Another quiet day. Popped to the parents for the morning. The sun was out but fairly windy so stayed at home. Didn’t take any pictures.

Sunday The wind was worse today so another day at home. Did debate whether to go to the local cafe and soft play but just decided to stay at home. Husband got me a new bar of chocolate; looking forward to giving it a try!

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