Allah is so kind to me – Toddler Board Book

As I have two much older girls we have built up a collection of books over the years. But when I saw the book Allah is So Kind to Me by Learning Roots, I just had to get it for the toddler. We already have a number of books by Learning Roots including The Stories of the Prophets and My Prophet Muhammad (SAW, and I knew this book would be another one worth getting.

Author: Zaheer Khatri

Publisher: Learning Roots

Age: 0-4 years

Board Book with tactile cover feature

”Grow your child’s love for Allah by nurturing their understanding of the world around them with the kindess of their Creator. This book celebreates the gifts of their senses, limbs and heart as blessings from the All-Loving.”

It is important to nurture a love for Allah from a young age, and this book certainly helps you to do that.

The fact that it is a board book, makes it durable and perfect for little hands and the the rhyming text along with relatable everyday activities are sure to help engage your little ones.

With every turn of the page, the repeated theme of Allah is so kind to me is present and what I also really liked about the book is that all the senses are mentioned in the book, sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing.

Each page is fully illustrated featuring boys and girls from different cultures. The colourful illustrations keeps the children’s attention as they read through each page.

Definitely a book we are glad we have added to our collection.

To purchase head over to the Learning Roots website.

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