Stories of the Prophets by Learning Roots

You are on a journey.
You will learn about the lives of some of the best men that ever lived.
These were men sent by Allah.
You will learn why they were sent,
who they were sent to,
and what lessons we can learn from their lives.
They are the Prophets.
The first of them is Adam (AS)
and the last of them is Muhammad (PBUH)

I have mentioned before that as I child I wasn’t really taught about the Prophets or indeed any proper Islamic history. In those days it was mainly being taught how to recite Quran (without even understanding what you were reading) and taught salah, again without understanding what it was you were actually saying.

As I don’t have detailed knowledge myself it can be hard to teach the girls. Which is why I am a bit obsessive when it comes to purchasing Islamic games and books. I am not just teaching them but am learning myself in the process.

I have had my eye on the Stories of the Prophets books but at £29.99 for the whole set I was a bit hesitant as I didn’t know what they were like. I eventually decided to go for it.

There are 5 books in the complete set:

  • The Story of Musa
  • The Story of Eesa
  • The Story of Ibrahim
  • The Story of Nur
  • The Story of Adam

Stories of the Prophets

All 5 of the books follow the same format… are going on a journey to learn about the prophets. The stories are split into sections, with plenty of activities for the children to do to ensure they have understood the story and learnt it.

Rather than just sit and write about whats in the books, I decided to do a short video so you can see the contents. Watch the video to find out more about them and if you are interested then you can purchase the books on the Learning Roots Website or on Amazon. Please note this is an affiliate link.

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  • The price does ring a bell, but I’m so glad you made this video, it really makes me consider buying them for my little brother. Growing up me and my brother were taught so much by our mother, but by the time our youngest brother was born, neither of our parents have time to teach him about the deen.

    In’sha Allah, I’ll be looking into this further. Jazakillah =)

    (oh and also, the video quality is amazing)

  • I love the fact that your posts are somehow relatable from the revert point of view even if you are a born Muslimah. Especially about being a mum and reflecting on Islam. It’s where I am now, and a lot of revert Muslims are going through this desire to give more of the Islamic knowledge to their children, especially. You’re getting me obsessed with all these, by the way, I’m so glad you review this for everyone who may need it.

  • JazakAllahu Khairan for this! I’ve been meaning to get them and this helps with figuring out whether they are suitable. A lot of these books are investments so it’s always nice to have reviews that are more detailed than just the usual ones that you might see on Amazon etc. I really like this video format of reviewing!

  • Jazakallahu for the review seems like an interesting set and a must have. I have a similar series on the prophet PBUH but my kiddo is still too young to read and understand it.

  • Honestly, I probably need these books myself lol! But I agree with you it’s very important to teach kids Islamic history and not just Quran.

  • Lovely post.This is a very helpful review. And I definitely think books like this are an investment for the long term since you can keep reading them again and again 🙂