Project 365 – February 26 to March 4

Day 57 –  Day of hospital visits again so just a picture of some chocolate we got from the shop! Gold eggs, the gold goes on your fingers so I am thinking to may be pretty unhealthy.

Day 58 – Another day of hospital visits. A interactive book arrived from Tiny me to review…will be up on the blog soon.

Day 59 – Dad was sent home this evening. The confusion has cleared so not much more they can do as they can’t fix the liver. This time they gave some tablets to try to prevent the confusion happen. But apparently it’s not as effective as the drip…so will see how it goes. Pic of Bee on the school run.

Day 60 – Spring is in the air. My mums daffodils have come out. Found out today that my eldest got her first choice of secondary school. However I am not sure I made the right choice. She wants to go there…but while this one is ‘Good’ there is another one that is ‘Outstanding’ according to OFSTED (which was our second choice). This one is closer….but still uncertain if I did the right thing as some are saying it isn’t a good school. BUT we got a good vibe when we went to visit it.

Day 61 – World Book Day. I have to admit I hate the whole dressing up. But Bee wanted to and she had a princess dress so wore that. Parents were invited to go to the nursery to read books with their children.

Day 62 – Didn’t do much today to be honest. Eldest tripped over onto mud coming out of school. Put the coat on the kitchen floor to put in the washing machine and the cat made herself comfy on it.

Day 63 – Another day of doing not much. Youngest had her karate in the morning and eldest had her horse riding. Then some Lego fun. Nice relaxing day for once.

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