Project 365 – March 5 to March 11


Day 64 – Hubby’s day off today and just had a relaxing day at home. He got me some cake!

Day 65 – Took Dad for a blood test and then it was eldest’s parents evening. So proud of her. She had some mock SAT’s before Christmas and got second highest score in reading and top score in spelling and grammar. Maths needs a bit of work but she is pretty much working at her level. Teachers are all pleased with her.

Day 66 – Dessert time as a treat for the good parents evening. This ice cream that delivers on demand is not good for me and my waistline……

Day 67 – Took Dad to see his consultant at the hospital. The consultant has changed and I am so pleased. The other one was useless…I just felt like he was waiting for dad to die so he can get him off his books. And it seems a few others felt like that due to some reviews  I found online of him. This lady seems as though she genuinely cares. She took the time out to explain everything, all the options and why some weren’t suitable for dad. When asked what percentage of his liver is functioning she said they don’t work like that but in answer to my question of how bad it is…she said if he was 50 he would be on the liver transplant list by now. We knew it was bad but finally they have confirmed it. She has asked for more blood tests and wants to see dad again in a week. She cared enough to ask if dad could manage to get to the hospital ok and cares enough to make what days dad has left as comfortable as she possibly can.

Day 68 – Spent the day at home today – I usually pop round to the parents every day. Just needed a break from everything today after feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything…..and caught with with some blog stuff to take my mind off things. Was trying to review these books on video and accidentally deleted the final video…so had to start again.

Day 69 – While eldest at maths tuitions, we went to the shopping centre as usual….and Bee of course had to go into Lush again and got to play around with a bath bomb again. Love the staff in there.

Day 70 – Hubby took today off and we decided on a trip to Birmingham to check out a buffet that everyone has been raving about. The girls got a bit carried away with dessert! Hubby treated me to a new outfit and some scarfs too.

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  • sorry to hear you’re still have problems with the doctors with your father, pleased to hear you finally met someone who would answer your questions, despite not getting the answers you’d have hoped for. Well done to your daughter with her progress and school and yes I know the perils of a dessert buffet too well
    chickenruby recently posted…It’s ok to be boredMy Profile

  • I hope this consultant does better for you, at least she is taking the time to explain things and is listening to you. Sorry the outcome is not going to be any better, your dad cant be that old.
    Quite right to take a day to yourself and just put everything into order.
    I am glad I am dairy free and therefore your puddings do nothing for me else I would be tempted to find a pudding or 3.