Miraj Stories App for Muslim Children

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Miraj Stories App: In an age where children are using a lot more technology, it is important to find beneficial apps for them to help inspire and educate them. One of these is the Miraj Stories app for muslim children, an app which is safe, educational and sure to keep the children entertained. The app is aimed at children aged 4-11.

Islam has a fantastic oral heritage. So what better way to help children appreciate its values and tradition than through Islamic books for kids? By stimulating young minds our multimedia app will immerse youngsters in the wonder of their culture using audiobooks, videos, interactive educational games and digital books.

Miraj Stories

How to get Miraj Stories App?

Miraj Stories is available to download on both Google Play and the App Store. Once you have downloaded it you can subscribe to either a monthly plan or an annual plan.

What Content is in the App?

There is quite a variety in the app which is sure to keep your children entertained and busy. These include:

  • Islamic Audio Books
  • Picture Books
  • Interactive Books
  • Games and Puzzles

All content is Islamic themed and not just stories but things like the names of Allah, Muslim Heroes, and learning the Arabic Alphabet are included.

You can watch my video to get a more detailed idea about what the app contains.

What did we think?

Personally I found the app beneficial. I have been happy to leave Bee alone with it to pick and choose what she wants to do without fear of any inappropriate content popping up. The children can learn about the prophets and a lot more while using it. You can even download the books to the device if you are going somewhere where there is no internet connection (ie the car) and the children can still read the books. For peace of mind, Islamic scholars have checked the content on the app so you can be certain that correct information is being provided to your children.

Subscription Discount for Miraj Stories App

If you like the look of the app and would like to subscribe then use my link to receive a 20% discount on monthly subscriptions or a 30% off yearly subscriptions: Subscribe to Miraj Stories or use the code muslimmummy when asked for a code if not using the link.

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