Week 10 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 7th March – Day 66

Decided to head to the park first thing. For the last few days I haven’t been waking up with bad back pain and thought we would go to the park early to beat the crowds. It was still pretty busy but we managed to find quite a few squirrels who were happy to take a few nuts from us. Then got Bee’s uniform ironed and bags packed ready for school tomorrow. She is excited to be going back and seeing her friends…and of course telling them all she is going to be a big sister.

Monday 8th March – Day 67

Back to school for Bee today. Eldest can’t go back yet until her lateral flow test on Tuesday. Bee left me the Tamagotchi and Gigi Pet to look after while she was at school. Not impressed with her school as they have changed the staggered timings and all years now have a 10 minute window in the morning and at the end of the day to be collected. That pretty much means a manic rush. Staggered times were great for the parking situation too.

Tuesday 9th March – Day 68

Not a lot happening today. Took the eldest to school to have her lateral flow test. It came back negative so she can go back to school on Thursday. I had received some Islamic foil prints to review which were lovely.

Wednesday 10th March – Day 69

The weather has been pretty bad today. Sat people watching while the eldest collected her sister from school. It has worked out for us up to now because as soon as the eldest finished at her school she could walk across the field and collect her sister. However Bee’s school have changed timings again as it wasn’t working with all the parents having a 10 minute window to collect their kids. Bee now finishes 10 mins earlier than usual which now means that from tomorrow I have to get out of the car myself and collect her. It also means I have to get there about 20 mins early to make sure I get a parking spot.

Thursday 11th March – Day 70

I managed to get a blog post live for the Miraj Stories app and then I was concerned about Rosie in the afternoon when the girls got home from school. She was still not eating properly and looked like her breathing wasn’t improving and getting worse. I decided to take her to the vets the next day as otherwise she seemed alert and was purring when I stroked her. I wish I had taken her as soon as I was concerned as she later worsened that evening…really struggling to breathe, and crying and rolling around and then convulsing. I was getting ready to take her to the emergency vets but I think she died as soon as I put her in the box to take her as she was silent in the car – the vets rushed out to help but it was too late. We had lost her. They think it was heart failure due to the fluid that came out of her mouth. I was heartbroken and they let me have some time alone in the room with her to say my goodbyes. Bee was devastated and cried herself to sleep. I am angry that the vets last week made me feel like I was over reacting. I had sensed something was really wrong and I wish I had pushed for more tests. The emergency vet said that if she had had a heart murmur and it was slight it could have been missed. But as I hadn’t been allowed to go in and had to wait outside then who knows if he had actually checked her heart that time.

Friday 12th March – Day 71

Bee went off to school and I emailed her teacher to let her know what had happened. She cried a couple of times at school but the teachers supported her. I was heartbroken and missed Rosie’s presence as she would always sit with me when the girls were at school. Tried not to get too upset as didn’t want it to affect the baby. I decided to clean up her food bowls and litter tray and get them all out of the house before the girls returned home. A friend came and took the food and a few other things for her cat. I don’t think we will get another pet for quite a while.

Dad also had his second dose of his vaccine. As my nephew was home from work he took dad to save me going out unnecessarily. Now just waiting for my husband and mum to get their second dose. I think I have decided I won’t be taking it while pregnant.

Saturday 13th March – Day 72

Not a lot happening today. Getting used to life without Rosie. It is so strange not to be chatting to her or her coming into the room and settling down with us. Let the girls just go on their tech as Bee in particular has found it hard. Had wanted to go out for a walk to clear our heads and get away from the empty house but it felt really cold and windy. A card arrived from the vets. To be honest didn’t appreciate it as last week they didn’t take my concerns seriously.

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