Week 9 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 28 February – Day 59

A quiet Sunday at home. Finally decided to reveal on social media that I am pregnant, due in August. It has been a tough first trimester…it wasn’t planned and thought I was going through early menopause…so I first had to get my head around it as I was convinced I wouldn’t have any more. I am now having to check my blood glucose levels 4 times a day…..then I have had major bleeds and really bad back pain in the mornings. It finally all seems to have eased off and I am in a happier place. I was initially going to keep quiet as there are lots of risks due to my age and diabetes and I am being monitored closely already…but if all goes well I don’t want the child to think I didn’t care when I wrote about my pregnancy with Bee almost from day 1 and don’t even mention this one. Plus it was hard not to write about in my project 365 and it is a major part of my life! I have finally written about my first trimester: Diabetic and Pregnant.

Monday 1st March– Day 60

Hubby went and got Krispy Kreme doughnuts as a treat for the family. I wasn’t impressed as due to my diabetes and having to monitor 4 times a day it is not ideal…as I really don’t want to end up on insulin which the diabetic MW said was highly likely this time round as I am actually starting off the pregnancy diabetic and on meds. I did sneak in half a doughnut once I saw my levels were still fairly low after dinner.

Tuesday 2nd March – Day 61

Actually work up with barely any back pain today so used the opportunity to give the kitchen and the cooker a clean. Got the eldest to help out as she didn’t seem to have many online classes today.

Wednesday 3rd March– Day 62

Caught up with some blog stuff and got a giveaway live on instagram for some Eid cards I have. Have been sent them over the years to review and have built up a collection. I don’t often send out cards so decided to offer them up as a giveaway so others can make use of them.

Thursday 4th March – Day 63

No online classes for Bee today as the school are getting ready for the kids on Monday. Decided we couldn’t be bothered to do the tasks set (World Book Day related) and just chilled. Rosie has been off her food the last couple of days which is not like her at all. She hasn’t been coming begging for food in the mornings or when we have our food which had me concerned. Also it seemed like she was working hard to breathe at times. I decided it was time to go to the vet. I phoned and they had a free appointment in 15 mins and as it was just down the road I took it. The vet couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her. He checked her heart rate and breathing and all fine, no lumps found and she was alert. He said there might be an issue with fur balls and recommended a gel and a high fibre food. But if things don’t improve they can do blood tests to investigate further. Also joined in with a World Book Day collab on instagram with some other bloggers and I shared some books for 8-12 year olds.

Friday 5th March– Day 64

Another quiet day. I decided to sort out a wall in the bedroom which I had half taken the wallpaper off months back but never then re wallpaper. Had to do it before I got too big and couldn’t manage it. Was just a small section of the wall and the nephew helped – I can’t risk doing too much alone due to the previous bleeds and still some minor back pain. In the evening Bee played with her K’nex. We were sent it to review some time ago and she still loves playing with it.

Saturday 6th March – Day 65

Not much happening today. Hubby had an issue with his car last night so he was up early to get it sorted. Then frankly just screen time today. The letter re the Census arrived so completed that online. After I submitted it I realised it was meant to be completed on the 21st! Oops! The eldest made some pizza wheels….they didn’t look as they should but tasted good!

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