Pregnant and Diabetic – The First Trimester

Well here we go again. After adamantly saying I was done with kids and quite content with my 14 year old and 8 year old girls….I will be delving back into the world of babies. I am pregnant and diabetic!

By the 24th December I was almost 2 months late and I was convinced it was early menopause. But I decided to do a test before I ventured out to the doctor.

The line was very faint but if I am honest I knew there and then I was pregnant as with my previous pregnancies the lines were always faint. 3 days later I did the digital tests…and I did 2.

I couldn’t really deny it now but to be honest until my 12 week scan I did wonder if it WAS early menopause and if those were giving me false positives as apparently that can happen.

I immediately sent hubby out (in shock but happy) to get me some folic acid as by my calculations I was already 7/8 weeks pregnant.

Self referral to maternity services

The first thing in the morning the hubby went to get a urine bottle so I could provide a sample but the doctors receptionist said that women now have to self refer themselves to the maternity services and to do it online. So that evening I completed the online forms and after chatting in pregnancy forums didn’t expect to be contacted for a few weeks. However I received a call first thing in the morning to get booked in – I am guessing due to my age and diabetes I was more urgent. Plus I was getting close to the 12 week scan. I answered her questions and was booked in for my bloods and referred to the diabetic team, and a request made for my scan. By the end of the week I was contacted by the diabetic nurse and asked to collect a blood glucose monitoring machine and to start checking my levels 4 times a day. I was warned that I may end up on insulin this time round. Having my bloods is always fun and games. The first MW at my booking in appointment couldn’t do it and sent me to the hospital…who then had to take it out of my hand.

I was told I needed a stronger dose of folic acid which was subscribed and that I would also need to start aspirin at 12 weeks. Apparently due to age and diabetes I am more at risk of pre eclampsia and the aspirin is meant to help prevent that.

12 Week Scan

In my mind it only really became real once I had my scan and I actually saw baby who was chilled out sleeping initially. S/he soon woke up and starting bouncing away making it difficult for the sonographer to get the measurements needed but she did and all looked OK alhamdulillah. I had my blood tests to check for Downs Syndrome and those also came back low risk alhamdulillah. I was extremely worried about that as I know the risks get higher as you get older.


However this baby was not going to let me relax after the scan. A week later, just as I was relaxing I ended up with a major bleed. I had bled heavily with my eldest and was kind of expecting it but it was still worrying. I ended up at A&E until past midnight but then had to go back in the morning for a scan and alhamdulillah all was ok. I had another bleed, but smaller than the first one, a week later and then weeks of brown spotting. But I was advised that if I was miscarrying I would be in pain which I wasn’t alhamdulillah. So I didn’t bother going back to A&E with the second bleed.

And then the back pain started in the mornings. Every morning I woke up I was in agony and praying Fajr was so difficult at times. I even ended up sobbing a few mornings. It has now finally eased up at 17 weeks and I hope it stays away.

Eye Tests

With diabetes there is the chance for diabetic retinopathy and usually I am tested yearly to ensure no damage has been done to the eyes. I had to be referred for a test as I was due one and during pregnancy will need to be checked every 3 months to ensure all is OK. Thankfully the first result came back clear.


I must admit when I first found out I was petrified. Prior to conceiving I was very stressed about a few issues in my life at that time and I was just eating whatever I wanted without caring that it would affect my sugar levels. Even the day before I tested I had some dessert which I probably shouldn’t have. So the fear remains that I have hurt the baby without meaning to as poor control can lead to birth defects in the baby. I will only be able to truly relax after the 20 week scan.

The midwifes and diabetic consultant are keeping a close eye on things. I will have more regular scans after the 20 week one and regular appointments at the diabetic clinic.

Please keep me in your duas (prayers) that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and I stay in good health. Yes initially it was a shock but this baby is very much wanted. Bee is very much excited as she has been asking for a sibling for ages while the eldest is coming round to the idea!

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