Project 366 – 11th March to 17th March

Week 11

The start of Ramadan this week. Haven’t really decorated much this year, just didn’t feel right with all the Palestinians being killed and basically starved as aid can’t get in.

Monday Ramadan begins with the sighting of the moon. Those who follow Saudi moon sighting started fasting today. Those who follow Morroco/local moon sighting will start tomorrow. We start tomorrow. Today some Ramadan decorations arrived for a scout event we are organising. The company, Eid party, generously donated them.

Tuesday Another check up for Minnie. She is healing nicely but it was recommended she stays on soft food for another week. She was so scared again when I took her, literally shaking in her cat carrier. First fast today, went relatively easily.

Wednesday Toddler group today and then came home and chilled.

Thursday We had been gifted tickets to the local theatre to join in with Spot’s Birthday Party. It was Minu’s first time at the theatre. It was a 50 minute show and she did really well the first 30 minutes but then did start getting a bit restless.

Friday Toddler group today, then headed to mums as heard that my aunt (her brothers wife) passed away in Pakistan.

Saturday Popped to mums in the morning and then came home and chilled. Decided to look for work and applied for a job ….will see how it goes but it is hard to put down my previous employer when I haven’t gone out to work for the past 12 years. Bee broke her fast today early as she has had a cough for the last few days which was worse today. My throat started hurting by the end of the day too and felt so cold. No pictures.

Sunday Bee feeling a bit better but I started feeling a bit worse. Felt cold for pretty much all day, but managed to make some brownies for the evening. Not sure why but it got a bit cracked at the top. Still tasted good though.

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