Day 10: A picture of your most treasured item

Asalaam Alaikum
Gosh this one was a tough one as I don’t have anything that I treasure more than anything.
Then I remembered my trolls stored away in my cupboard.
You may laugh but quite a few years back I was into the trolls! 
I’ve since got rid of them all except these two. That is because they were one of the last things my dear brother gave to me before he died.

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  • oh cute! I used to have a troll when I was little. It was dressed like a clown and I loved it. My mum wouldn't let me have more than one!

    I'm sorry about your brother 🙁

  • I had quite a few! I was troll mad! I gave them away when I got married as had a clear out.

    Thanks sis.. he died a long time ago

  • as salamu alaikum
    i used to collect them too 🙂
    i always got them from denmark when i visited family there. i might ask them now 2 bring one for my son:)