Day 4: Something I would like to do again

Asalaam Alaikum
One thing I would like to do is visit Murree in Pakistan again. I got married in Pakistan and I went to Murree with my hubby after we got married but returned immediately as my father suddenly got very ill.
The scenery was breath taking at times. I would love to go and visit it properly.
InshAllah next time we visit Pakistan will ask hubby if we can spend a couple of days there.

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  • Assalamu Aleykum,

    MashALLAH sister.SubhanALLAH my husband to be who lives in Abbottabad was telling me about Murree today and we're planning to go there during my visit in Pakistan INSHALLAH.He has told me how beautiful it is MashALLAH.I'll try to bring some nice pictures and will post them on my blog for you to enjoy them INSHALLAH!

  • Wa alaikum aslaam!

    Oh mashAllah that will be lovely. Alot of newly wed couples go there. I do have more pics but they have myself and my husband in them and don't want to add them to a public blog.

    When will you be going Pakistan? My parents are thinking to go next month and offered to take me too but I can't get the time off work.

    Inshallah hope you have a lovely time. Looking forward to the pictures inshAllah!

  • I'll be in Pakistan from February 11th, to February 23rd INSHALLAH.Very soon Indeed!Quite anxious and nervous at same time.But I'll have a lonnnnng stop in Dubai, so I'm really looking forward to visiting Dubai as well INSHALLAH!