First Blog Award

Asalaam Alaikum!
I have been tagged in this so going along with it!!

Awarded by: Yara

What now?

Thank you for my first ever award!

I now need to write 7 facts about myself, and tag 7 other bloggers to do the same… I will try to keep the facts different this time and unusual

7 facts about me: 

1. I love henna and wish I could apply pretty designs properly!

2. I want to have a cat and a horse. Oh and a parrot too!

3. I’m a kind generous person but if some upsets me I push them out of my life….

4. I want to have a BMW! 

5. I sometimes wish I could live in the countryside

6. I want to travel more

7. I would love to keep chickens in my back garden

Right I need 7 people to tag. I read a few blogs but never tagged anyone…. lets have a go

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  • Thankyou for tagging me sis! Insha'Allah il blog my 7 facts tomorrow!! Id also love to have some chickens in our garden, insha'Allah we will get them when weve finished having kids. And im almost in the countryside now, hoping that our next move (insha'Allah in 10 years or so) will be in the countryside where il have a small holding INSHA'ALLAH!!!

  • (' . ')

    (' , ')

    (' o ')

    My facial expressions as i read on.
    We're like twins.
    Love henna, but can't put it on good to save my life. I have a cat, had a parrot and wish to have a horse.
    #3 is v.true.
    I <3 BMW, I have a blog scheduled about that ; )
    I'd love to be in the countryside as i've always been urban and I was telling my hub that i'd have chickens if we had room! omelette galore hehe. Of course I wish to continue travelling and land my two feet in every country in the world inshallah!

    So bizarre