First visit to a friends house

Asalaam Alaikum

Well today my munchkin went round to her friends house for a couple of hours. It’s the first time she’s been to someones house and stayed there without me so it was an experience for us both.

I don’t know the mother too well so I was unsure about sending her. Then thought maybe I’m being too paranoid  and over protective. My mum suggested I let her go as she is quite a shy child and needs to come out of her shell a bit more.

For some odd reason she seems scared of adults but with other children she is ok. We got to the house and her friends father opened the door and then the mother came to the door. That was it… my little one was ready to bolt! She hid behind me and then tried to drag me back to the car with more strength than I realised she had! Wow I thought, the chappatti and curry you had earlier has given you superhuman strength.

I then realised I had to make her go inside if only to try to improve her confidence. So I went inside with her for a little while. Her friend was so happy to see her and tried to get her to take her coat off. Then started the battle of her friend trying to undo her zip and munchkin doing it back up! It was actually quite funny at the time!

We then suggested she went upstairs to the bedroom with her friend and she seemed quite happy with that as it meant escaping from the adults. I was able to leave the house albeit slightly reluctantly. The thing that put me slightly at ease was it was a Muslim family and I wouldn’t have to worry about what she ate and I gave them my number incase she freaked out after I had gone.

I got home and started clock watching. First time in absolutely ages I have a whole 2 hours to myself and I didn’t know what to do with myself! Sad I know!!! I ended up catching up with the housework just to take my mind off the time! Ummm helloo?? Why didn’t I just relax….. no hubby, no child!? Peace and quiet!!

Alhamdulillah she had a lovely time! I think I was just worrying for no reason. Or maybe it is part of my reluctance to admit my baby girl is growing up.

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