Isn’t it time for another baby??


Asalaam Alaikum

My daughter is now 4 and a half mashAllah.

Since she was 18 months I have been getting comments that isn’t it time I had another child? As she gets older it gets worse.

I was out and about today and 2 of my mums friends had lost family members so we went to pay our respects. I don’t often see many people as I’m busy at work and generally like to keep myself to myself when it comes to my mums friends. Wise choice, believe me.

After the initial greetings I think we managed to last 5 minutes (WOW!!) before I got asked what was happening.

There seems to be the mentality that if I’m not pregnant by now something MUST be wrong.

I am at that stage now where it takes every ounce of self control to grit my teeth, smile sweetly and say whenever Allah (SWT) wills. I was this close to being bitchy to a woman who said you shouldn’t try to prevent it happening. I AM NOT!!

It’s none of your business!!

Then they talk about the girl who mashAllah has 6 kids all one after another saying she should stop now. IT’S UP TO HER!!!

You can’t win with these women!!

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