A lovely book!

Asalaam Alaikum!

When munchkin was aboout 2 years old I went to our local islamic shop and I came across this book.

I think I got a bit carried away as obviously H couldn’t read but the colours were so vibrant it caught my eye and I just had to buy it. It is a Key Stage 1 book, suitable for 5 -7 year olds.

I had put the book away but the other night I found it and I snuggled up with munchkin on her bed and we read through it with her.

The story is basically about a butterfly who is born without any colour. Aisha, (the butterfly), is content with the way she is. Then as she does good deeds, colours appear on her wings. The more good deeds she does the more beautiful she becomes.

I just love the book. The author really manages to engage the reader. She has come up with a fictional country, Nectarland and has given facts about this land. She also explains the way caterpillars become butterflies in a fun and easy way to understand.

With younger children, the pictures and colours will keep them interested long enough for you to discuss the moral of the story.

I will be looking out for more books by this author.

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  • Assalaamualaikum,

    This is a lovely blog Mashallah.

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