Children’s Attitudes Suck these days

Asalaam Alaikum

I must say some kids attitudes really suck.

With my munchkin now at school I have the joy of the school run to deal with each day. I use the term ‘joy’ loosely. I just love having to deal with the chaos when it comes to parking and kids running into the road(!). I also have the joy of meeting other parents. Most of whom already have their little groups and don’t really make the effort to speak to anyone else. Suits me as I’m always in a rush to get to work and don’t have time to stand around chatting.

In the 5 short months she has been at school I hear foul language from the mouths of children as young as 5 on an almost daily basis. However, one incident really shocked me. A child (must have been about 6/7) was poking his sister and his mum told him not to. Did he listen? Hell no. She then touched his arm to try to get him to listen and he violently shook off her hand screaming DON’T TOUCH ME! He then carried on poking his sister. His mum tried again to stop him but he didn’t listen. She told him he was now in trouble and his attitude was so what? You shouldn’t touch me. (Slightly hypocritical seeing as he was doing the same thing to his sister). His mum then said she was going to count to 3 and he had to stop hurting his sister. She started counting and he finished off with the number 3 and just ran off.

I doubt she bothered to deal with him at the end of the day and even if she tried I’m sure she would get a mouthful of abuse back.

Why do parents let their children get to this stage where the kids have no respect for the parents? Are the parents really to blame?

This child had a ‘bad boy’ haircut and often walks around with his phone playing music. I dread to think what he will be like in a few more years. Maybe the influence is from the man in the house who deals with the women in this way? Who knows. All I know is that it was really sad to see.

Some will say its the influence they get at school. Well my daughter is going to school and if she started disrespecting me in that way I would stamp on it immediately, especially at this age.

I really understand now why so many parents are turning to home schooling.

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