Farm Trip

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

I took my munchkin and my niece to a local farm over the weekend. My plan was to tire them out so by the evening they would be too tired scream and shout (as they usually do when they get together!)

Did my plan work? Hell no! Well I guess it partly worked because as soon as we got home my niece was happy to just sit quietly. However my munchkin had other ideas. My poor niece asked her if she ever got tired!

We had a good day at the farm. My particular highlight was the shire horses as my dream is one day to have a horse of my own. The littles one loved feeding the goats and a particularly greedy sheep. You can buy pots of food for 50 p each and we ended up buying 4.

My mistake of the day was feeding a cow. It came up to me and tried out my coat first. Then looked at me with what looked like sad eyes! Since I had some food I offered it some. BIG MISTAKE!!! I ended up with cow slobber all over my hand. Yuck , yuck, yuck. And YUCK again!! Oh boy, I will never do that again!!!

I also had a goat try to eat my coat, and the shire horse took a fancy to my handbag. I had to remind them all I was not food!!

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